New Cactus Species Discovered in Indonesia

Hah! I was just kidding. Actually, it’s a new National Geographic photo of a long lost mini primate.


It may look like a gremlin, but this tiny animal is actually a pygmy tarsier, recently rediscovered in the forests of Indonesia.

The 2-ounce (57-gram) carnivorous primate had not been seen alive since the 1920s….

“There have been dozens of expeditions looking for them—all unsuccessful. I needed to go and try to see for myself if they were really there or if they were really extinct,” added Gursky-Doyen, whose research was funded in part by the National Geographic Society’s Conservation Trust.

I like pygmy tarsiers. I think we could raise them at the nursery, in our new Indonesia section. What? We don’t have an Indonesia section? Well, we’ll just have to get one for the pygmy tarsiers.

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