Nantucket Likes Succulents Too

First, it’s all about growing your own veggies this year, as we’ve found out at the nursery.

Many Nantucketers can’t wait to start planning their garden even this early in the season…. “We anticipate vegetable gardening to be very popular this year…” said Hilary Newell of Bartlett’s Ocean View Farm. “People are staying home and trying to grow their own stuff.

Very good. But it’s a bit early for most vegetables off the cold New England Coast.

Succulents are increasing in popularity, she said. They are thick, vibrant and gummy and almost look unreal, which is fitting given how little watering and care they require, Slosek said.

If you’re feeling optimistic about a hot summer, you could set your sights on planting a melon.

Personally, I find all this talk about Nantucket makes me want to share a limerick. Yay! Join me after the break for what promises to be a really bad thing…
A Cactus was growing quite frantic
Producing seeds on an island in the Atlantic
The Nantuckers did scratch
for they’d got a bad batch
Of cactus seeds swarming with a sand tic.

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