Mystery Succulents

And the mystery has been solved! But first, the mystery from the Summerville Journal-Seer…

This week’s mystery plant is also a member of the stonecrop family. It belongs to a group, or genus, that is found naturally in warm parts of the world, especially South Africa and southern Asia. Our mystery plant is a native of Madagascar. It produces fabulous tubular, pink (or red) flowers, which dangle on the tall stem. It is extremely easy to grow (as long as it is not overwatered) outside during the summer, but must be brought indoors before frost, or be given a lot of protection, as it is quite cold-sensitive.

It’s a pretty accurate description. Click through for the picture, and scroll down to the bottom of the article for the answer. I wonder where Summerville is? Do you think it’s a suburb of Chicago? They have a lovely Azalea Park. No, it turns out it’s not a suburb of Chicago.

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