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Not only is our ad in today’s paper, but they featured Haworthias in the garden section. Now that’s the best news out of the Chronicle in years!

H. turgida v. pallidifolia Photo: Erle Nickel

Consisting of more than 100 species and subspecies, this hardy, small succulent boasts an impressive range of forms and a devoted following in the world of horticulture. For us novices, what makes haworthias such an attractive houseplant is that they are easy to care for and can take some direct morning sun but can also handle lower light conditions. And once you begin searching them out, it quickly becomes apparent why they have a devoted following – they are some of the coolest-looking succulents out there.

We use Haworthias as the basis of our entire shade-tolerant succulent section. We grow about 20 types although they often look very similar to each other when grown together and can be hard to tell apart.

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