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The Sacramento Bee has a nice review, not too many pictures though.

High winds, torrents of rain and slippery bridges couldn’t keep them away.

Thousands of gardeners from across Northern California braved this week’s wild weather to see spectacular one-of-a-kind displays – and shop for rare plants and artful accessories – at the 26th annual San Francisco Flower and Garden Show

I suppose if I had braved the weather to get to the Garden Show I too would have started my review with a comment on the horrid weather. But I didn’t. And this week it’s sunny (spring-like) indeed.

Arizona State University students created a display of succulents for the San Francisco show. DEBBIE ARRINGTON/

Nice Pachycereuses the Arizonans have there. They are from Mexico you know. I wonder why they didn’t pick a native Arizona cactus?

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