More Classic Cactus Terrariums

…for fun and profit! These you can actually find available for sale these days, even if they are 50s style classic plastic terrariums designed to kill all your plants within a year. They make a good way to get the plants started, but it’s not too long before they’ll need to be moved to real pots.

First up is this Dunecraft Cactus garden available on eBay.

It doesn’t look like real plants in the photo. I think they put graphics inside the plastic dome for the photo shoot.

This next one is also from Dunecraft, and is only $3! I think they must include seeds.

As we found out yesterday on this blog, everyone loves egg terrariums.

Nickelodeon sells cactus kits for kids (the ones above are clearly meant for adults, what with the 50s nostalgia styling).

Diego and Baby Jaguar at their desert garden. Awesome! Not really a terrarium, but who can resist.

Finally, this one is from Carolina Scientific and looks like it could really work. It’s meant for teachers to bring into the classroom.

Look at that vent in the top! Now that’s what I call a proper growing environment. We might have to carry those at the store. They also carry live geckos.

Happy Holidays!

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