I purchased a Pachyphytum oviferum (Moonglow) from you a while ago & recently I have been having problems w/ the leaves coming off & not growing back. Along w/ this the plant was knocked into & about 4 inches of stem has fallen off. I would like not to damage this plant anymore & hopefully be able to repot the broken stem. How might I do this?
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Now I was thinking about these little pachyphytums recently, since they get a long trailing stem that is easy to break, and every time someone buys a big pot of it they risk them breaking off in the car home. So I tell them that if they break off they can be planted, of course. But is this good enough?

Anyway, Hap answered Tiffany’s question:


The broken stem can be gently pushed back in to the pot an inch or two (you can use a pencil to stab in a hole for it to slide down. You need to bury a couple of leaf nodes, the little bumps where leaves use to attach to the stem, you can pull off a few leaves if need be. Roots will grown after a few weeks. Any leaves that are loose and still plump can be planted connection tip down and by next spring you should have baby plants from just the leaves. Pachyphytum will sometimes get a naked stem for a season before new branches start to grow in off the old leaf nodes, being spring/summer growers it can mean they show their “legs” for the winter until a new skirt of babies grows in, this is normal for the genus.

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