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Have you ever wanted to travel in the summer somewhere other than the West and still be able to see cactus on your journeys? Well, the Minneapolis Examiner has a little suggestion for you. Now, I can’t say I agree with this suggestion, but I can pass it along.

Blue Mounds State Park
This is a great park to visit at any time, but June and July offer a unique enticement—the park is an ideal home for Minnesota’s only native cactus, the prickly pear, and it sends up its canary yellow flowers during those months. The cactuses are tucked in around the outcroppings of ruddy Sioux quartzite. The rocks jut up—100 feet, in some places—from the tranquil sea of prairie grass. Clamber (carefully) up the rocks to take in sweeping views. The park’s herd of bison adds to the step-back-in-time atmosphere, and the abundance of tallgrass prairie birds makes for a fun spotting game. Camping is available (and there are showers available for the fastidious among us); check the Minnesota DNR Web site for details.

What did I see when last I visited MN?

James Turrell

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