Low Water San Diego

In San Diego, only 1 in 20 have replaced water-intensive lawns with drought-tolerant gardens.

For every 20… front lawns… one homeowner… has put in something different — succulents, cactus, native shrubs….

I love picking quotes out of context from articles to prove my point. I mean, will you click through to the article at the Union-Tribune and check my math? I think not.

Wow! And what was San Diego like when first settled by Europeans in the 19th century?

“It was a most desolate looking landscape. The hills were brown and barren; not a tree or green thing was to be seen. Of all the dilapidated, miserable-looking places I had ever seen, this was the worst.”

Here’s the picture that went with the article.


The article included a caption that explains this dual photo, but I prefer to leave the impression that this is a before and after picture. It makes me feel naughty to recontextualize text and images so blatantly.

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