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bunnyunlaced lists the 64 best things about LA, including things like Frank Gehry and Disneyland and Venice Beach (I don’t know, maybe that was just me.)

Huntington Gardens
You visit this 120-acre enclave for a ramble through roses and bonsai. What you don’t expect is that desert garden: a live-action Dr. Seuss book where cacti and succulents resemble stalagmites and flowing seaweed, and blooms in oranges and reds and pinks burst from monsterlike forms.

Museum of Jurassic Technology
Two of its most beloved exhibits are The Stink Ant of the Cameroon, an insect driven mad by a spore in its tiny brain, and The Horn of Mary Davis Saughall, an appendage that grew on said woman’s head in the 17th century.

We loove Dr. Seuss, and not those Jim Carrey Seuss-wannabes either.

This is one random blog link, you know. I hope you appreciate the way I dig deep into bloglandia to find these gems.

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