Las Vegas Uses Too Much Water

It turns out that the Las Vegas Water Authority is trying to get local residents to use less water. Who would have thought? I wonder if they’re trying to get the casinos to use less water? Hardly. Just local residents, it turns out. The LV Review Journal has the story.

The SNWA Landscape Awards honor creative and beautiful water-smart landscapes. Aestheticism and plant selection are key judging points, so if your landscape is mostly rocks, consider upgrading it…

OK, but who can do the landscaping for you, so you don’t have to, before you submit your landscape for an award? Why, here’s that info…

Q: Can you give me a name of a reliable landscape contractor to put in a xeriscape landscape?

A: Go to and look under landscapes for a list of “Water-Smart Contractors,” who are SNWA trained and certified with emphasis on water conservation and installing proper irrigation systems. If you have questions about contractors you are considering, contact either the Nevada State Contractors Board and Better Business Bureau.

Now you know everything you need to know about Las Vegas.

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