Las Cruces Short on Water

Time to start rationing water in the dry West. The Las Cruces (NM) Sun-News is urging you to stop wtaering your lawn, or better yet, to replace it entirely.

“It’s April 1, and I’m not fooling,” Josh Rosenblatt, the city’s water conservation coordinator said Tuesday, the day the city began enforcing the summer watering schedules that will remain in place through the end of September….

“In new developments, there are a lot of rocks and cactus and succulents,” she said. “They don’t use much water. But in the last seven years, we’ve had very little rain and it’s still green.”

Now I want to be sure we all understand that if we want to have the opportunity to plant cactus in our gardens, then we all have to do our part to support our local cactus stores.

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