The big event in Jackson takes place today, so get to the airport and fly in to Memphis and get over to Jackson before the day is over.

Memphis-area gardeners… flock to Summer Celebration at the University of Tennessee’s West Tennessee Research and Education Center to hear speakers, see tough plants that thrive in the heat and buy a few to take home.


Sedums can stand the heat, so they don’t have to get out of the kitchen. This unusual display, done with donated items, is a focal point of the event.
Carol Reese/Special to The Commercial Appeal

Those sedums sure do look delicious in muffin pans. But they’re not.

And if you click through to the article, you’ll also see some very large succulent planters – they used old satellite dishes as containers. That’s what we should have done when we moved in to the old satellite dish farm in Berkeley – planted them up!

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