It's the Ithaca Cactus

We’re traveling around the world collecting cactus stories that do not come from the Arizona newspapers, and here’s one from New York.

(T)here is one supporter of the women’s lacrosse team that has not missed a game in four years. He sits silently, patiently observing his favorite team in action, until the end of the game when it is then decided which member of the team he gets to hang out with for a whole week….

This unnamed Bombers’ supporter is a cactus. He’s a stuffed cactus, at that, and is awarded to a different player after each game the Blue and Gold play.

Yay! Who needs to read about wild cactus when we can read about stuffed cactus in upstate New York. Too bad there aren’t any pictures. let me google around for a bit and see what I can come up with.

Nope, nothing.

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