It's Pick-on-Home-Depot Day

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reviews a new book on succulents:

“Tough Plants for Every Climate: Hardy Succulents,” by Gwen Moore Kelaidis, photography by Saxon Holt. Storey Press, $19.95.

There are groups of plants, such as conifers and the underused succulents featured in this book, that more gardeners should use. Gwen Moore Kelaidis, a longtime member of the American Rock Garden Society and a garden designer in her own right, certainly is familiar with these lovely plants, and she hopes to tempt gardeners into growing a few with this new book….

Ms. Kelaidis, who resides in Denver, certainly knows her stuff and brings a fine introduction to these diverse plants to print.

I haven’t read it, but I do know that nobody at Home Depot has read it either, because they’re illiterate there, and they wear funny clothes, and they don’t like healthy plants either. Yes, that’s right, they prefer sickly plants at Home Depot, because that way they know that I’m really just writing satirically and not even a little bit trying to libel them, even though they really do prefer ugly plants at Home Depot. And they eat cheetos too.

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