Irish Succulents

Advice for children in Ireland, from Ask Marie.

Q: My young son wants to grow some succulents and cacti in a conservatory. Can you recommend some?

A: Head over to see the collection in the National Botanic Gardens, Dublin. It is one of my favourite places to visit and the variety is amazing.

Aloe and agave are good choices, as are lithops. If you have small children, it might be better to start off with the lithops, maybe little succulents and some sedums, as the spiny agave might cause injury.

OK, so I can’t agree with the 2nd part of this advice. Sure go visit the Dublin Gardens, the photos are nice! But suggesting you start a child off with Agaves or Lithops is criminal. Sure, an Aloe will be useful after the child gets stabbed by the Agave, but what will help with the tears when the Lithops rots and dies from overwater?

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