Indiana Loves their Cactus Too

Or not, hard to say.

“It appears that the owners of the bar have known for a long time about the problems caused by the Cactus… but have chosen to ignore those problems because they are making too much money,” the Osadchuks’ attorney, Charlie Rice of South Bend, said in an e-mail. “A classic case of profits over people.”

What kind of problem could a cactus be causing to bar patrons? I don’t understand.

(P)olice responded to nearly 700 calls for service at the Neon Cactus.

Oooohhhhh…… It’s not a cactus, it’s a Neon Cactus. Now I understand. I have a neon cactus T-shirt for sale at Cafepress. I wonder if it’s the same thing? My T-shirts don’t cause bar fights, at least not that I am aware of. So much confusion in Indiana. And right here too – sometimes I wonder what this blog is all about. Ah well, on to the next misunderstanding…

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