Indiana Cactus

A cactus in Indiana has made good – they made the front page of the local newspaper! How quaint!

TERRE HAUTE — Bill and Mariea LaSure of Terre Haute are the proud owners of an especially interesting night-blooming cactus plant from Arizona. Starting with three small “starts” 12 years ago, this cactus – which the LaSures call “Angel of the Night” – has grown into three separate and hefty cactus plants.

“When they open up, they look like a big trumpet,” said Mariea, referring to the beautiful white and pink blooms that appear on the plants in the middle of the night. The blooms start to open around 10 p.m. and close up again around sunrise. “We’re just really proud of them.”

No pictures? I’m deeply apologetic to you. It was a good story, but would have been better with documentary proof.

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