Illinois Cactus

A cactus blooms in Decatur, and the newspaper is there to grab some photos. Six photos in fact, some of the bud, some of the bloom.


Jim and Judy Oettel watch one of two blooms on their night-blooming cereus slowly fade away. The plant hasn’t bloomed for five years, and the Decatur couple awoke Wednesday to see a flower that only lives for 12 hours. (Herald & Review/Kelly J. Huff)

This particular night-blooming cereus is an Epiphyllum. Interesting that there are Cereuses that are night-bloomers and are called night-blooming cereus, and then there are Epi’s that are day bloomers, and not cereuses, but are also called night-blooming cereus. In fact, I think all cactus with large white flowers are called night-blooming cereus. I do not know why. Maybe the Decatur Herald knows.

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