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Sandy Johnson, the co-owner of Hearts of Jade Succulent Garden, Art and Gift Shop on High Street, said business was “steady” this holiday season….

Hearts of Jade, open since Sept. 2012, features indoor and outdoor decorations, including metal sculptures, birdhouses, pottery, wind chimes and a variety of succulent wreaths and arrangements.

“We do a lot of one-of-a-kind things you don’t see anywhere else,” Johnson said. “Succulents are big right now, (so) we’re just kind of riding the wave.”

Do more than just ride the wave, Sandy! Grab hold of the bucking bronco of succulent popularity right now and make a mark in the Chicagoland arts scene!

By the way, do click through that link above to the bucking bronco. Amazing what succulent popularity of the moment can lead to!

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