Have an Extra Greenhouse Around?

You too can make money from your extra greenhouse you have lying around. According to Greenhouse Toolbox, all it takes is to turn the plants you grow in there into mixed dish gardens.

If you plan a retail business – no matter how small – you will want to feature some dish gardens. Perhaps you have a friend who designs interesting and colorful ceramic bowls. If so, why not team up with her? She’ll earn money from the sale of the bowl, and you will earn some from the sale of the plants, as well as from planning and planting the tiny garden….

Succulents, wax begonia, pilea, echeveria, kalanchoe, peperomia, and bromeliads are some of the accent materials I have used in dish gardens….

If you carry a line of figurines in your shop, you may be able to sell more of them by including them in the dish garden….

A friend of mine made several hundred dollars from the sale of succulents planted in gilded, individual aluminum-foil pie pans.

Now that you know the secrets, you too can be rich and famous. Just don’t tell anyone else.

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