Hairy Cactus Has a Bloom

It’s true, the Old Man Cacti all have blooms too.

Pilosocereus leucocephalus, also known as the Woolly Torch

Variable columnar cactus from all over South America. Gets the woolly, or hairy, “cephalum” near where it’s going to bloom. It’s an indication of sexual maturity in the plant. However, unlike true cephalum which are thickly hairy at the top or on one side only, this cactus will get a full column of hair up and down, with just a little extra dollop of hairiness near the bloom spots. It’s special. Also faster growing than the Oreocereuses. Will get over 20 ft. tall.

This is not a plant we are selling at the nursery. This picture is from my front yard garden. I had to bring the black backdrop home from the store to take this photo. But I forgot, so I found a piece of gray construction paper and used that as a backdrop and then made it black in photoshop. You’d never have known if I hadn’t told you.

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