Growing Echeverias

We grow Echeverias. You can find my pictures of Echeverias on Instagram. Because I’m sick that way.

Echeveria Afterglow

Echeveria “Afterglow” in production. Big leaves, all of them!

echeveria afterglow

And what’s this? A portrait of a single plant! So handsome, so photogenic.

Echeveria “Afterglow” is said to be a hybrid of Echeveria cante x Echeveria shaviana. I may be skeptical, but I would never admit it.

They will get up to 18″ across! We find they look best, have the best color and leaf size, with moderate sun. They can certainly handle all day sun, but for the prettiest, most photogenic performance from your “Afterglow” I recommend 3 to 4 hours of direct sunshine. They will shrink up a bit with our regular winter rains, and that’s OK. Colors range from gray-green with less sun to pure powder-white to pinks and purples in full sun.

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