Grilled Nopales

Earlier today I blogged a link to a cactus recipe.

Here’s a delicious looking recipe for grilled cactus that you can now make on your cactus-briquette-fired grille.

I thought the photo looked so delicious that I should blog the recipe. Here goes!

Grilled Cactus Paddles (Nopales Asados)
Makes enough for 24 taquitos or serves 12 (side dish)
Start to finish:20 min

Cactus paddles (nopales or nopalitos) are an important vegetable in Mexico, particularly in the central and west-central parts of the country. Their flavor—reminiscent of summer’s green beans but with a hint of acidity—adds freshness and succulence to the taquitos.

  • 12 cactus paddles (nopales or nopalitos)
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil

You’ll have to click through for the instructions, but I would highly recommend it.

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