Green Roof, Manhattan-Style

From National Geographic:


Photograph by Diane Cooke and Len Jenshel

Some green roofs can be far simpler to create than traditional roof gardens. Volunteers from Cook + Fox installed the New York City architectural firm’s roof themselves using Green Paks. The polyethylene bags, marketed by St. Louis-based Green Roof Blocks, contain low-maintenance plants and can be laid out with no preparation beyond rolling out a layer of waterproof material that controls drainage and blocks the intrusion of roots into roof structures.

See more photographs from the May 2009 feature story “Green Roofs.”

If you click through to the article to learn what plants are being used in New York, you learn nothing of the sort. Sure, they mention Sedums, and talk about going native, but the article is more about building in Vancouver. Whatever, it’s a nice picture to “borrow.”

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