Green Roofs Are Good Enough

Good stuff.

Some 21,000 succulents call the roof of New York City’s Con Edison’s three-story Learning Center in Long Island City, Queens….

Green roofs – roofs that are covered with vegetation -are hot, and for good reason.

According to research conducted by Con Edison and Columbia University on Con Edison’s Long Island City green roof, the average winter heat loss was some 34% lower under the green roof than under the black roof, while the summer heat gain was 84% lower on the green roof than under the black roof.

34 and 84 are some good numbers. Here’s some more:

Berlin has between 5-30% of roof space greened in different parts of the city at the time of writing.

That’s odd. Between 5-30% is a very broad range. That’s not a good number at all. I’m sorry.

Germany adds about 11 million M2 of green roofs each year.

Now that’s a good number. I think. I don’t really know how big 11 million M2 is. Is it bigger than the moon? Bigger than Yosemite? Bigger than Chicago? Bigger than Central Park in New York? Bigger than a bedbug?

Here’s a picture of the Con Ed building roof.

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