Great Britain has Cactus Talks

From the Spalding Guardian and the Lincolnshire Free Press we find out that Moulton will be hosting a Cactus Talk. Nice!

Before we get further into the details of this story, I just want to appreciate all those names. Spalding, Lincolnshire and Moulding. I mean Moulton.

Spalding is a lovely and scenic town “in the peaceful South Lincolnshire Fens”

with acres of sky and sunsets, (Spalding) is a town that has to be seen to be believed!

Here, see this picture to see what they’re talking about. So scenic! I recommend staying the night at The Beeches. And so scenic, too! Why, it’s in a converted barn! Now that’s what the cactus and succulent society is all about.

Back to the event.

Spalding Cactus and Succulent Society is hosting a talk by speaker Graham Charles on Favourite Plants in Habitat and Culture at its meeting at Moulton Community Centre on Friday (7pm).

The society meets on the third Friday of every month with a programme of interesting talks about plants, environment and wildlife. Everyone is welcome, refreshments are available, and admission is free.

I will promise to be there tomorrow night if I am anywhere near Moulton. How about you? I don’t yet have my reservation at The Beeches. And where will you be staying?

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