GQ seems to think the way to impress a woman on a first date is to show off your knowledge of succulents. No, really, that’s what they say right here, in the UK edition:

Imagine my relief then this weekend to discover the perfect location for a first date…. If you’re stuck for somewhere to take her, I bid you, then take her here: the Chelsea Physic Gardens… it’s a surprisingly large secret garden hidden away at the back of the Kings Road. On a sunny day, you can… wander the hedged isles for an hour or two, impressing her with your knowledge of Mediterranean succulents and soil density.

That’s gotta be some of the strangest first date advice I’ve ever posted right here on cactus blog. But then, I’m working overtime here getting the best date advice for all our readers near Chelsea. I wonder if it’s too far for a first date if you’re from Willingham? What about if you live all the way out in Popshire?

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