Going Green: Weddings

Let’s see, we have economic problems and global warming problems, and so on. So what can you do? McClatchy newspapers asks the question and has a suggestion for your upcoming wedding.

“The ‘green’ people tend to say, ‘You shouldn’t have a wedding at all….’ “

Wait, that’s not what a major news organization is actually recommending is it?

“…But it’s all about making smarter, better choices.”

Of course. Any specifics relevant to this blog?

“My biggest thing is local, local, local….”

Very good. We support that.

UseĀ  succulentcenterpieces, not lowly philodendrons, that you or your guests can keep.

Bingo! Nobody wants philodendrons as a wedding centerpiece, that’s for sure.

You know, we do succulent centerpieces for a few weddings each year at the nursery and they look good. I also can recommend trees, and troughs filled with grasses, as stunning wedding displays. And people always appreciate cacti at bar mitzvahs, if you were doing any upcoming planning. I’m just saying…

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