Giraffe Series

Giraffe with Aeonium “Garnet”

What’s this? Our famed traveling giraffes of Africa have made it to the Canary Islands? How so? Have they learned how to fashion rudimentary boats out of hollow logs and bark? What have they used for sails?

Let us set aside the mystery and revel in the quanternary of the fliggishness of this particular giraffe.

Do you think I’ve lost the thread of this “art” project when I resort to making up words? No? OK then let me continue.

This individual giraffe has clearly walked across many deserts dragging a canoe along behind so that it could cross the Mediterranean Sea and land on the famed giant coastal cliff succulents of the Canary Islands. Don’t these adorable and stately giraffes know that they can visit the Aeonium Gardens of Tripoli on the African Continent itself? Have they no proper guidebooks?

Thank you!

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