"Ginger Lawson's Garden"

The Jackson Hole Star Tribune has an article about a local gardener and her extensive cactus collection.

Lawson has grown cactus for 20 years, but she never expected she’d love it this much or get so carried away: “I was a plant nut anyway. I just got very interested in their growth pattern, their looks, their uniqueness. And it snowballed from there.”

The part I liked best is where the writer describes the occupants of the house and where they like to hang out.

Lanky saguaros lean against her walls…..

Chollas hang out by the bookshelves….

An Old Man cactus sits… his silky white hair looking disheveled in the sunlight.

Now that’s classic quality writing. I once wrote an article about the L.A. River and the restoration of the riparian edge.

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