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ABC News fills us in on the latest consumer products you can buy to help keep the eonomy out of depression. However, what with the severe recession and all, this may be asking too much of you.

So first, let us tell you what you have won*

Who says you need a green thumb to make your garden grow? The Easy Bloom Plant Sensor takes the guesswork out of planning and maintaining a perfect garden.

The device, which looks like a tall, thin plastic flower, can also help diagnose why a plant is not doing well or how much water is needed in a certain area. So if… your Christmas cactus isn’t blooming in that kitchen window, you’ll soon find out why.

You plant the sensor anywhere in your yard where you would like to grow a plant, and let it soak up the environmental data — soil moisture, sunlight, drainage — over a 24-hour period. Then pull it apart and plug the USB end into your computer’s USB port (I’d probably clean it off first) where the sensor data is uploaded to the EasyBloom Web site.

This seems like a lot of effort to find out that your christmas cactus needed more darkness 3 months ago to be able to bloom now. But remember, this is for the good of the economy.

*won the opportunity to spend money on, that is.

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