Friday Whippet Blogging

We’re fostering a whippet.


His name is Chase, and he’s a little skittish, but a good boy.

You know, we used to rescue turtles because we have a turtle pond until that got over filled. And crested geckos, until we had so many babies. And tortoises. And a parakeet that came to our pond and wanted to be brought inside cause she was cold and lonely.

And now I guess a whippet, but that’s it. No more. Unless you have some baby chicks, that is, cause we’d definitely take in some baby chicks. And maybe a pygmy goat, but that’s it, just the one. Unless we got a farm up in Sonoma and then maybe 2 or 3 pygmy goats. But that’s it. No more than that. Unless it was well fenced and then we’d have to rescue a big tortoise if someone asked, but only if they asked. But that’s it. No more than that.

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