North of us got a bad freeze last weekend. The SF Chronicle says that Sonoma and Napa Counties got into the 20s. We got down to about 40, maybe the high 30s, which was very cold for us this late, but no frost. Our succulents have come through it just fine. I didn’t even know they had such a freeze just a few miles north of here until the paper told me so.

The worst spring cold snap in more than 30 years is threatening to wreak havoc on the wine industry as three recent days of frost have killed grapevine buds up and down the crucial North Coast vineyard region.

Poor little grapes, frozen before they even had a chance. I hope this doesn’t disturb the bees. We’ve had a resurgence of bees at the nursery this year, what with all the new California Natives we’ve been growing. They love the Ceanothus griseus.

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