Freezing Weather Got You Down? Plant Succulents in Boston

There is no such thing as too many succulents, so if you’re a fan of the prickly plant and the cool planters that come with them, Niche Garden Supply on Tremont Street has just the workshop for you. On Wednesday evening, bring your own container/planter/whatever to design a centerpiece (a perfect gift) at 7pm. The course fee is $20 plus materials.

I wonder which Wednesday they are referring to? Is the event already past? I should probably check this out for you before I post an event for you to go to in this freezing weather and all. Imagine going out in sub-zero temperatures only to find out the Succulent Workshop was last week! That would be horrible!

Actually, it’s not clear to me from their website when the workshop was, or is. I don’t know. And since I am not a reporter I wouldn’t think of calling them to check this story out in advance. Ridiculous!

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