Florida Succulents

Nancy George’s North Florida Gardening Guide recommends succulents for your North Florida garden. I wonder what constitutes North Florida? The top half of the state, or just the panhandle area? My parents moved to Sarasota which is in the middle of the Gulf Coast area, an hour south of Tampa. Looking at a map, one wonders….

Looking for plants with a contemporary element, unusual forms, vibrant colors, striking foliage and extraordinary flair while remaining low maintenance? Then look to succulents and cactus. Whether planted in large numbers or used as a single specimen these plants are both beautiful and enduring. The colors, shapes and textures are endless. There are so many varieties that can be either planted in the landscape or used in containers and a lot of these beauties are totally hardy to frost.

I would guess anything north of Tampa would be North FL, but then that would include Orlando.

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