Florida Succulents

I see that Fort Myers has a new public garden, at the Lakes Park.


A plant in the Cactus and Succulent Garden blooms at Lakes Park in south Fort Myers. (Amanda Inscore /news-press.com)

And I see they have aloes too. Good times.

They’ve also added community garden plots so the retired people living in condos can grow their own tomatoes.

“In my condo, we can’t have anything but potted plants. I miss growing my own tomatoes,” said Hurt, a retired Indiana teacher.For $50 a year, she’ll be able to do that in one of 53 plots, with soil provided by Lee County. The public garden area is arranged in a radiating sunburst pattern of raised beds – some of which are accessible to wheelchairs.

Now that’s service. My parents are retired just up the coast in Sarasota, where they don’t do any vegetable gardening. In fact, it’s probably for the best they don’t have access to something like this community garden, since they tend to kill every plant we give them, including the tillandsias which is very unusual since they’re in Florida where the tillandsias grow wild.

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