Florida Goes for the Easy Succulents

There’s a lot of suggestions out there for pretty flowering succulents for holiday cheerfulness.

Here’s one that the good people of Tampa, Florida suggest you try for your garden. Indoor works too. Especially if you don’t live in Florida year-round, but want some up in New England where you only spend half the year now. You could plant them as annuals, of course, but if you have someone to come in and water them through the winter while you’re down in Florida, keep the inside and they will bloom for you over and over throughout your retirement years.

Now that was a special little rant I like to call, plant gibberish, or “Planterish.”

On to the article. For some reason I feel like following that up with an actual writer’s words.

A lot of gardeners treat their kalanchoes like annuals and dump them when they stop flowering. I didn’t, and they’ve paid me back by causing very little trouble. They’ve stuck with me through rain and drought, cold and heat. Both plants came in during last year’s freezing weather, but they have been outside all the rest of their days.

I used to think kalanchoe was a shade plant. Not so! My crazy shape-shifting kalanchoe seems to like what I would call “bright shade” or some sun. The smaller kalanchoe can take just about any light condition I throw at it, even direct sun in the summer. Yes, really.

Ahhh, now that is much better.

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