Finding Connecticut's Native Cactus

On a recent Sunday, five of us hiked the Metacomet Trail from New Britain Avenue in Plainville to Route 6 in Farmington, a trek of more than 4 miles….

This section of trail includes great views in all directions from a vantage point called Pinnacle Rock. You’ll also pass a former Nike missile installation, communications towers, a massive rock cave known as Will Warren’s Den and other features. Just off the trail and looming above New Britain Avenue is a colony of Connecticut’s only native cactus, the prickly pear cactus.

Well, what about the pictures? And species name? I’m assuming it’s Opuntia fragilis, but then I’ve never been to CT so how would I know?

Hah! Of course I’ve been to CT. Some of my best friends are Nutmeggers, as they like to call themselves.

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