Feeding Your Lizard

It’s a plastic feeding dish with a plastic cactus attached. I suppose this is for your desert lizards, like Uromastyx, and not the forest lizards, like our own New Caledonian Crested Geckos who are a lot bigger now than when I took that picture.

Anyway, here’s the object in question, that I haven’t tried out, because I haven’t had any desert lizards in a few years. So once I again, I stand before you posting an object that I can not vouch for, that we don’t carry at the nursery, won’t ever carry, won’t ever buy myself, couldn’t tell you anything more about than you can see for yourself in this photo, and finally, wouldn’t have even noticed in this big world if not for the fact that I have this Cactus Blog thingy here that has a voracious appetite for entries.


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