Everett, Washington Jumps on the Succulent Bandwagon

I wonder if every small town newspaper in the country will eventually have an article about succulents? They are very popular right now you know. Even the Wasilla, Alaska paper has an article up! (Well, maybe not.) Anyway, here’s the way they look at it in Everett, Washington:

A lot of us already garden with succulents but I’m gathering it’s the next hot plant by the number of books on that subject coming across my desk. Some succulent tips:

Good gravy! And what might those tips be?

1. It takes only 3 years for a newly planted succulent garden to fill in….

2. Succulents are naturally more fire-resistant than other plants….

3. Add perennials and annuals to a succulent garden….

4. …There are a few that are adapted to the shade….

5. There are succulents within the hyacinth family….

Now you know.

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