Epi Mania!

From a newspaper called the Gaston Gazette comes this local story of a local woman who made it into her local newspaper for getting a cactus to bloom!

Hilda Olive with a blooming ‘Epiphyllum oxypetalum,’ commonly known as an orchid cactus, that she has been plant-sitting for her niece at her Gastonia home on Saturday October 16, 2010. The plant rarely blooms, and only at night, with flowers wilting before dawn.
Photo: Ben Goff / The Gazette

I wonder where this Gaston place is? I don’t know, but searching around their website, I found this reference to a local Scottish Heritage Day, with video of bagpipers at work (NSFW if your place of business doesn’t allow bagpipers).

Make sure you click the photo for the full size version. It gets a lot bigger…

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