Enough Already About Home Depot!

It’s probably enough already about Home Depot, what with all the insults being thrown around here. So on to the Cactus. The Providence Journal has some article or other about Broadway star Mandy Patinkin and his Cactus Farm in Rhode Island, or something like that.

It’s the same with the desert gardens that frame so many homes there. They’re striking, a creative minimalist mix of rocks and cactus. But that’s the problem to a New Englander’s eye. They’re not lush. Just as the Southwest isn’t. I’ve grown to like lush….

I like the green, forested New England scenery more than desert cactus, even though it means seeing it covered with snow in winter….


Well, I guess that wasn’t the topic of the article at all. I’m just a little distracted, what with this whole Home Depot theme I’ve attached to these posts all day long. What if they sue me? Will I take down these posts? Will I step up the insults? Will I start a new site called homedepotplantssuck.com? Only time will tell…

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