English Holiday

The Daily Mail is worried about your kids next week on holiday from school. Those little buggers of yours are going to be wandering around with nothing to do all week with the schools closed in England for winter break. What to do? Well, my nephew went to visit his grandparents in Florida this week during New York’s school break, but the English probably don’t have grandparents in Florida and it’s just not the same to take a holiday in Wales in February.

So plant a cactus!

If you’re looking for ideas to keep the children entertained during next week’s half-term holiday, why not get them to create an indoor cactus garden?

Kids are fascinated by this large clan of spiky plants that are easy to look after and virtually indestructible.

My children Louis, nine, and Lily, five, find prickly plants irresistible and they enjoyed planting up a container each with specimens they hand-picked at a garden centre.

I can tell you from our experience at the nursery that it’s true – kids are fascinated.

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