Echeveria “Baron Bold” are a highly carunculate hybrid. These are not naturally occuring cultivars, these are hand crafted hybrids. This one is from the prolific Dick Wright who worked in Southern California, in Fallbrook where the weather is really quite perfect for such a thing. If I had a bigger cactus nursery it would have to be down near there.

Echeveria “Christmas” is a E. agavoides hybrid. It actually looks pretty much identical to the Echeveria “Beauty” we’ve been growing. I wonder if our original stock of this plant was mislabeled and we’re selling more Echeveria “Beautys”?

Finally we have Echeveria “Blue Cloud”, our latest blue hybrid small Echeveria that is really what these small succulents are really all about. Some people like them the caruncled leaves but here we have a perfect little specimen. These small blue plants are very popular in Japan and Korea, so here’s the name in Japanese or Korean, I really don’t know. ‘블루 클라우드’ Actually, I do know it’s Korean.

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