Did I Mention Home Depot?

I think I mentioned earlier that today is Pick on Home Depot Day here at the Cactus Blog. I don’t know why. It’s not like I have anything particular to say about them. Well, I do, but it’s probably not printable in a family blog. (Which is why it’s good this is not a family blog.) But first, we have these lovely terrestrial bromeliad blooms making big news in the Liverpool Daily News, which I believe is in England.

The puya alpestris is on the verge of blooming into pollen dripping blue/green flowers.

A member of the cactus family, the spiky puya 1.5 metres tall, is expected to burst into colour by the weekend.

Visitors to Ness Botanic Gardens will be lucky enough to see its spectacular metallic teal-blue flowers.

Odd that they would say it’s in the cactus family, when of course it’s in the bromeliad family. I know the news will call any spikey plant a cactus, which one could see as a colloqiual reference, but actually using a botanical reference seems a bit too much of an error.

Anyway, we were talking about Home Depot. Here’s one thing they do wrong: they overwater the cactus so that you have to buy them within a day or two of them arriving or they’re already half dead. We get people at the nursery bringing in the cactus they bought at Home Depot, and they’re half-dead. So you know, you’re rescuing the plants you buy from Home Depot, so you better be ready for the extra work. And it’s just like buying a puppy from a mall pet store – you’re rescuing the poor thing, but then they just fill in behind with another poorly bred dog, thus encouraging bad practices down the line. You should find yourself a reputable breeder, whether you’re buying dogs or plants.

That whole paragraph really went off the rails. I find it entertaining when I write in a run-on sentence kind of way. I hope you do too.

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