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More cactus news from England. This time the North Devon Gazette is giving you advance warning of a show coming up. I wonder if it’s the same show that was mentioned in the previous article. Probably not. I bet North Devon and Newbury are hundreds of miles away from each other. But then, I don’t really know, now do I? Fortunately, I have this tool I like to call the internet. So, here we are, google maps, and it turns out that North Devon is near Plymouth, while Newbury is near Reading, which of course means they are a couple hundred miles apart, and thus are probably not sharing a cactus show.

What was this entry supposed to be about? Oh yeah, the North Devon Garden Show.

To mark its 80th year, the (Sid Valley Horticultural Society) has bought an anniversary cup which will be presented for the first time to the overall winner of… a planted container of three types of cacti and/or succulents.

“Last year Val Parkinson, who entered the show, donated a baby shawl she knitted. We sold it and bought the anniversary cup with the money,” said Mrs Britton.

There you go.

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