Desert Cassia

Senna nemophila is in full bloom. The little yellow flowers look a lot like Palo Verde flowers.

Here’s the closeup for those of you who like closeups. I mean even more closeup then just clicking on the image above which will also give you something of a closeup, but just not quite as close. Also, it’s a different photo.

You can click the 2nd photo too, and get even closerup.

And here’s our info on the plant for those of you who like info on plants.

Senna nemophila – Desert Cassia
Native to Australia
Evergreen Shrub

Sun: Full Sun
Water: Low
Size: 6 to 8ft.

Green needle-like leaves. Tiny bright yellow flowers in spring and brown seedpods in summer. Hardy to 10F.

It must be spring in Australia since it blooms in spring and we’re just getting into fall here.

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