Dancing with Cactus

I’m going to be serious with you here; the blog is slow this week. But I think you should have a little fun time happy dance, so we here at the Cactus Blog present to you a You Tube Festival of Dancing Cacti.

Now I wouldn’t judge the rest of them by that one. Please, don’t judge them. Have a little bit of fun time happy dance.

See what I mean? There was no reason to judge that one from the first one. Now you get it! Some fun time happy dance for all!

Boy that’s a bit of very lazy blogging on my part. Try this one.

Happy Time! That was AAWWEESSOOMMEEEEE!!!

We’ve seen that one, the Zapo Sabo dancing cactus before. Good times those were.

Hey wait! That wasn’t a real dancing cactus. That was animated. Harsh.

I’ve had enough now. I hope you have too. All full up of the fun time happy dancing craze.

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