Costa Rica

We recently got back from a botanical adventure in Costa Rica. We visited as far south as the jungles around Quepos and up into the cloud forests of Monteverde, and along the dry areas near Arenas Volcano (plus the pacific beaches near Jaco). So I’m going to be posting pictures, lots of pictures of plants we saw on the trip. I’ll try to identify species where I can, with the help of my trusty “A Field Guide to Plants of Costa Rica.”

We saw a lot of jungle cactus (indeed!) and orchids in bloom and tillandsias and begonias, and what do we have here? Why, it’s a Peperomia.


Peperomia rotundifolia

You can really see how these climb the trees in their native habitat. Seems a bit different than what we normally see in a hanging pot. Plus we have some bonus Tillandsias, of which I’ll have more to say later. We saw some really nice Peperomias in bloom, and I assume I’ll have some of those pictures too, if you’re nice to me.

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